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We're Making Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Everyone.

We want to empower and transform the global workforce by making deep learning and artificial intelligence accessible to everyone.

We believe that as organizations and individuals can harness the power of machine learning, our world will change quickly.

Our mission is to make sure the technology driving this change is not mysterious and locked away but open and available for everyone.

Our Leadership

headshot of serkan piantino, CEO of Spell

Serkan Piantino

Co-Founder and CEO

Serkan Piantino is an entrepreneur and leader in technology in New York City. Currently, he is Founder and CEO of Spell. Previously he was Founder and Site Director of Facebook New York and Co-Founder of Facebook AI Research. During his 9 years at Facebook, he also designed and led the development of many of Facebook's products and infrastructure including News Feed, Edge Rank, Timeline, and Messenger.

Serkan is an active advocate for the technology industry in New York City, having previously served on Mayor Bloomberg's Council on Technology and Innovation and currently on the boards of Tech:NYC and AFSE. Serkan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

headshot of Trey Lawrence, VP of Engineering at Spell

Trey Lawrence

Co-Founder and CTO

Trey Lawrence has had a diverse background as a technical leader in engineering for the past decade. After originally working in hardware, designing silicon chips, PCBs, and firmware, he changed directions moving into machine learning after recognizing how powerful it can be. Initially building recommendation systems in e-commerce at eBay and Spring, he became increasingly interested in deep learning, eventually building an image classification API and reverse image search engine at Clarifai. Trey holds a B.S. in both Computer Engineering and Physics from Georgia Tech.

headshot of Ann Kidder, Lead Product Manager at Spell

Ann Kidder

Lead Product Manager

Ann is the Lead Product Manager for Spell. Prior to joining Spell, she managed product design and development across various teams at Google, including YouTube, Google Glass, and Sidewalk Labs. Ann has a BA in International Relations from Brown University and is an alum of the Recurse Center.

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